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A beautiful and endearing new children's story about California condors...

"Loliki the California Condor," was created by author Inés Horovitz and illustrator Sarai Vargas Velástegui.  Inés loves condors, and that love and hope for their recovery inspired her to write this story after seeing the work of biologists from Ventana Wildlife Society and the other organizations that are helping condor populations reach self-sustainability. The story is told from the perspective of a condor chick in the nest. Loliki and his parents give a special voice to condors: 

"I love it when I hear the hissing sound because I know you or Dad are near. How do you make that sound?"

"It's the wind going through our wing feathers."

Ideal for a child close to you or students if you are an educator.

We thought this would be a great companion piece to the Ventana Wildlife Society Condor Cam, where right now a pair of condors are raising a chick on live, streaming camera in Big Sur, California. Enjoy!


Mr. Kelly Sorenson

Executive Director of Ventana Wildlife Society

Background: Big Sur, California, USA
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